Television Solutions

Using the latest TV management technology, you have the flexibility to give your residents the content they demand, on virtually any platform. From streaming video to multiple traditional channel lineup options, Safety NetAccess delivers a differentiated resident experience, ensuring resident satisfaction.

Television solutions are no longer only about what channels are available for viewing or renting movies OnDemand. It has grown into an experience, more than a service. As a DISH Networks Private Cable Operator and Samsung hospitality partner we offer our properties a full guest room television experience.

  • Free-to-Guest channel lineup
  • Interactive TV guide
  • Hotel Information (including room service, spa and bar information).
  • Casting (stream provided content or personal content)
  • Popular streaming apps
    • Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Google Play
  • PMS integration
    • Personal welcome experience upon Power On
    • Guest checkout features

Our television solutions allow your guests to have the highest quality entertainment experience possible. From customizable welcome screens when your guests enter the room, to guests being able to stream their own content – our services can be personalized to meet all of your guests needs. This personalization allows the guest to bring the comforts of their home to your property.

Safety NetAccess is a world-class technology solutions provider that designs, builds, implements and supports technology solutions for hotels, resorts and other public properties. Our “Integrity First” work ethic has allowed us to become one of the most trusted providers in the hospitality industry.