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Resident Pleasing, Revenue Generating Networks


of residents ranked preinstalled Wi-Fi as "important" or "very important"


of tenants would pay higher rent for a property with smart technology


of multifamily Wi-Fi service calls are for onboarding new devices
(we can fix that)

Our Smart Community

What do we mean by “Our Smart Community”? It’s the idea that your residents can manage their digital lives with simplicity, and you can manage your property’s technology remotely and efficiently.

With Our Smart Community in place, the ability to offer residents everything from easy device onboarding to access control and environmental controls becomes a reality. For property managers and owners, this same network can support cost reducing technology like leak detection and remote control of your HVAC. The ability to virtually manage the health of your network allows your staff to focus on more important core competencies.

It all starts with the network. A quality, enterprise-grade network is the foundation of a property’s ability to meet resident demands, and Safety NetAccess has been deploying these networks for decades.

From Expense to Revenue Generation

Resident pleasing and revenue generating. Safety NetAccess goes beyond simply connecting your residents to the network. Our wholistic approach to building technology gives property managers and owners a distinct marketing advantage when listing their properties, better tenant satisfaction and retention, and increased Net Operating Income (NOI).

Internet accessand smart technology are the top amenities residents demand, and there is a lot at stake. The magnitude and importance of deploying rock-solid, easy-to-use networks with an experienced support team to back them up cannot be overstated. Don’t leave it to chance, give residents what they want, get the return you need.

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Managed Wi-Fi

Portal Free Onboarding, Property-Wide Coverage

Wireless networks can no longer be referred to as an amenity. In fact today they rank second only to hot water in most surveys. People simply need to be connected…everywhere, seamlessly.

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Television Solutions

Using the latest TV management technology, you have the flexibility to give your residents the content they demand, on virtually any platform. From streaming video to multiple traditional channel lineup options, Safety NetAccess delivers a differentiated resident experience, ensuring resident satisfaction.

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Energy Management and IoT

Create a resident experience that intelligently responds to usage and preferences, while reducing energy consumption and improving facility management capabilities. Cut energy costs by up to 40%.

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24/7 Support

Owning your own network does not mean you have to support your own network! 24/7/365 tech support is easily accessible for Residents, Property Managers, and Owners, and you will never be put through a maze of recorded questions before you connect with a live, knowledgeable professional.

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Other Products & Services

SNA is your one stop solution for all your technology needs

Network Management and Reporting with SNAPX

When you choose Safety NetAccess, you get access to our comprehensive SNAPX management solution. SNAPX is a powerful, customizable management platform designed to track and manage all aspects of your network.

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Security Systems

We deliver the very best in CCTV systems for our clients which ensure that their residents, staff, guests, and property all remain safe and secure.

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Service Calls

90% of all issues are resolved by our 24/7 call center. But sometimes a more hands-on approach is required, and for those situations we dispatch a friendly, knowledgeable technician directly to you site.

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Low Voltage Cabling

Cabling is the lifeblood of your network. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians provide structured cabling infrastructure design, installation and life cycle support for all your low voltage needs.

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Broadband/Telecom Circuits

Safety NetAccess not only supports wired and wireless networks, we also supply the connectivity in conjunction with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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Safety NetAccess’s technology partners share our vision for providing the utmost in customer service and security.