Managed Wi-Fi

Wireless networks can no longer be referred to as an amenity. In fact today they rank second only to hot water in most surveys. People simply need to be connected…everywhere, seamlessly.

As a leading wireless Internet provider with an “integrity first” philosophy, we survey, design, build, and support wireless networks, each time customized to our clients specific needs. We offer:

  • Revolutionary Portal-Free, frictionless device onboarding for all types of devices – phones, laptops, IoT devices, gaming consoles. Say goodbye to angry residents who can’t figure out how to connect, with SNA, it’s a snap!
  • Property-Wide Coverage – no longer is Wi-Fi access limited to the residents own unit. With SNA’s “Connected Community” in place, residents can place calls, stream content, upload videos, and stay connected to ALL their devices associated with their unit, regardless of their location on the property.
  • Property Manager Portal – allows property managers and owners to easily create and manage subscriber accounts
  • Resident Portal - allows residents and tenants to self-manage Wi-Fi settings and change passwords, reducing calls to property managers and increasing resident satisfaction